Tuesday, March 21, 2017

3/21/2017 Riviera Reversible Food Cooker Warmer

Years ago, we lived at Uppaway Estates, Glenbrook, Nevada (Lake Tahoe). Our home was in the mountain range of Sierra Nevada up in the clouds about 6000' above sea level.

The house was called "Max's Barn" (named after Max C. Fleischmann). It overlooked Lake Tahoe. We could see across the lake to a mountain that had a cross of snow that never melted, even in the summer.
Huge pine trees surrounded the 44 acre property. Those were the early years of our marriage 1971 - 73.

Being "Out West" was "different" from living in Ohio. Different, indeed!

To get beyond the isolation of living in the big house with caretakers and housekeepers, I would drive down the mountain to Carson City, the capitol of Nevada. There were a few shops, an art gallery, the new Ormsby House Hotel (now defunct, I hear), the Capitol building and casinos. Helga Steffee ran the Carson City Nugget. She became a special friend and often "house sat" when we came back to Cincinnati.

On one of my shopping adventures I found this (pictured) incredible Riviera Reversible Food Cooker Warmer. It can be turned upside and downside with two sized grills. The Sterno container flips over, too.
I bought it. It was something I thought would be great to use at Coco Point Lodge, Barbuda to make Crepes Suzette and Cherries Jubilee.

Riviera Reversible Food Cooker Warmer

I bought a big crepe pan to go with it and took it all through airports, customs and finally to share with the Spanish Chef, Juan and Chef Norman Beazer. It was used awhile and I do not know where it eventually "landed". It could still be there somewhere on a shelf in the pantry of the lodge kitchen!

Copper Crepe Suzette Pan

I decided to bring the big copper skillet back home again. I haven't used it. It looks like it has been "relined" so it's ready to use again.
Recipe Booklet

The other day I decided to "google" Riviera Reversible Food Cooker Warmer. I had the kept little recipe and instruction booklet for many, many years so I knew what to "google". I had tried to find one on eBay but never had any luck. This time! Boom! It popped up on Etsy. I hit all the required buttons and soon it arrived at my back door, carefully packed. 

I did rationalize my buying it by saying to myself that I can use it in an emergency when the power goes out! It was a NEED not a WANT - message for myself to next time remember to NOBUY2017!

I opened it and was totally amazed! I set it up and took pictures to share with my readers here.


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