Monday, October 18, 2010


This morning AAA's towing service picked up my  '97 BMW 740 IL. The transmission needs to be replaced!

It was interesting to watch the fellow load up the car. The towing line was hooked up to the hook that is under the front of the car. Straps were wrapped around the tires and secured to the sides of the rack. Many specific steps were followed. 

I'm keeping the BMW because my son, Marshall Garrison, has incredible knowledge about BMW cars. He has taken a couple of his own cars completely apart and reassembled them using parts from other BMW's. So, I rely upon him to help me make decisions about cars.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Tea Room in Milford, Ohio

The Tea Room

Our Healthy Choices group met at The Tea Room at 271 Main Steet, in Milford, Ohio. What a special treat! Fresh food, beautiful, vintage surroundings - a lace cafe window curtain, pretty napkins, delicate tea cups. 
We'll be going back for more wonderful moments of relaxation "over a cup (several) of tea". Their blog is:

Monday, October 4, 2010


Fall Foliage

Fall has arrived! It's cold enough to put on long underwear and a sweater. Acorns are dropping, leaves are turning. The sprinkler system has been shut down and soon the pool will be covered with it's winter tarp. The final days of summer were burning up into the 90's. Grass turned to straw.

"Maintaining" is an action word for thie time of year. Found a check list from for Fall Household Maintenance. This year I will remove the hoses from all the faucets around the house and cover the faucets with an insulated foam dome cover. Leaf removal will be done by the lawn service guys.

There are three furnaces which will be checked and serviced tomorrow morning. I will also call the plumber again to figure out what to do about drainage from the humidifier/ac unit into the sink drain. It filled up this summer and overflowed the sink in my office/studio. The drain pipe is off and a bucket sits under the open pipe. After unloading the bucket again and again, I finally shut off the air conditioning in "The Cottage" and endured the heat so that I didn't have to empty out the water! This is an example of procrastinating. However (rationalizing) I saved a couple hundred dollars on the Duke energy bill which will pay for having the drain fixed. Oh my!

Having three cars, too, is too much! The BMW is still sitting in the drive waiting to be hauled off for transmission repair. Acura Integra '88 is at the shop today. Something is loose or broken. Hoping for a quick repair so that I have something to drive.

I've got the crock pot filled with Trader Joe's roasted vegetables and chicken thighs. It's a delicious, hearty combination which I  put into four lidded bowls and enjoy for supper during the week. I still have brocolli and beets that I cooked in the pressure cooker.

I've enjoyed getting great bargains on for dining out with my Meetup friends. Last week I purchased about $150.00 worth of coupons for about $16.00! Wow! Trying new restaurants and going to old favorites ia fun! And, I often pack up enough of the "left overs" to have for lunch the next day.

If any of you are here in Cincinnati, a great site for antique/collectors is Everything But The House. Great sale going on this week - a house in Indian Hill. I guess you could buy and they will ship it to you. Check it out and start bidding. is a site where you can sign up to get rid of all those unwanted catalogs or mail that arrives in the mail. I sure hope it works. I'll continue to minimize the amount of uninvited paper clutter that is sent here.