Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday - February 3, 2014

Thank God it's February! We made it through the Polar Vortex and hope there is no further repeat of Arctic air dropping down to the Ohio Valley. This cold snap brought on hibernating behavior. No amount of green tea, Yoga stretches and motivational sayings helped me move from inactive to proactive behavior.

Now that January is over and my 77th birthday celebrated, I'm ready to face facts - face the fact that another year is "in my face". Calendars, clocks, schedules, TV news, FB pages shout it out - 2014 is here - it's here!

I still am following Wheat Belly Lifestyle - 18 months and counting. Many new friends are joining up and sharing their amazing progress. 109,000 of us! Wow! Grocery shopping has become a new adventure. I buy new favorites: Kerrygold Irish Butter, almond milk, wild blueberries, Wholly Guacamole, grass fed beef, eggs, Hormel uncured bacon, etc. I use almond flour and flaxseed flour for baking and order easy mixes from Wheat Free Foods LLC.

My five groups continue to grow. Some people are helping out by listing their events on the Art, Music, Theater Meetup page. More and more students are coming into class on Wednesdays at the studio. After class, Amy and I enjoy dinner at Swampwater Grill (authentic Cajun), BUZ (eclectic American food) and Tostados Mexican Restaurant. We usually have extra food to bring home for another meal next day.

Housekeeping has been made so much easier by having The Cleaning Authority come here every three weeks to do all the "basics" - bathrooms, kitchen, floors, carpet, basement and cottage. My job is to get rid of the clutter. I keep taking items to the studio "free shelves".  Now to set up an eBay store!

My life is filled with many theater events. I enjoy Playhouse in the Park, Ensemble Theater, Mariemont Players and Cincinnati Playwrights' Initiative.  Saw "Book of Mormon" and will see "Phantom of the Opera" again (thinking this is my fifth time). 

Life now is filled with so many angels. I know they are here and continue to let me know they are "here", too. Angel Lois smiles at me as I write this. Harry sends flowers and Bill is sending robins to the crabapple tree. Yes! February is here and soon will be gone, too! Onward!