Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Life goes on.

Setting aside 15 minutes to write, just write. I follow "43 Things" which is a constant reminder list of "to do" choices. This list pops up everyday in my email list. I figure it will eventually sink into my subconscious to the point that it will be an "automatic" choice. Will definitely add it to the booklet that I re-list all that I "choose" to do each day. Included in my daily list is: RMR - regular morning routine, Emails, PCA - put clothes away, TTC - trash to compactor, OG - Organo Gold (a Chinese mushroom pill), Tea - usually some green tea, Water - drink water throughout day, Yoga - do Yoga stretches or Swim - summer choice. The rest of the page is filled with other daily tasks - get ready for class, office work, cleaning, etc. or Meetup group activities.

This year is proving to be interesting. More students are coming in to Karen's Studio 125 on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon classes. I'm helping out the West Virginia Cultural Center with some of my late husband's history (now mine, too) digging through archived papers, scrapbooks, etc. Also helped with Summerfair history (big art fair here in Cincinnati) which I co-created with two other people 45 years ago.

Here at home I feel like I'm living in a jungle - and it is! Shrubs and plants have "taken off" and are huge. Waiting, waiting for yard/landscape guys to "hit it". I took on the task myself last week, but it's risky for me to lift those loppers and hard prune overgrown shrubs down to their "nubbins". Glad I removed 3 Burning Bush (red-leaves - in the fall). Opens up the area by the mailbox. Will rework the plants out there. Someone on Freecycle today wants perennials. Hooray! They can take bunches of Iris rhizomes - purple, white, rust. I have plenty to share.

I'm staying healthy and continue to keep "good health" as an important choice. Drinking more water really helps to keep my energy level high. Oh, and the green tea, too. Just bought some more Kuchika green tea from Essencha Tea House. It's a smoky twig tea. "Discovered" it in NYC at TeaNY down around the corner from Orchard Street. I choose to keep in touch with Edgar Gibson of The Strategy Group who is an incredible counselor/teacher.

A certain healing is taking place between my first husband and myself. I take him flowers from my "garden". He has been in the hospital and nursing home - often. He now is in ICU (no flowers allowed). Prayers for him to make it to Father's Day! It's a long history of personal indulgence that led to diabetes and the gradual deterioration that takes place from this horrible affliction!

Knee-Hi is my companion here at home. Shes' a Jack Russell Terrier with spiked ears. I think she looks like "Bella Goosie". She is going on 14, so blind that she sometimes steps in her own poop. Otherwise, she goes out and "suns" herself on sunny days. She likes Ezekiel toast in the morning. The excitement for her (and me) is when the local raccoon comes in to finish off her supper. How does this happen? Well, the raccoon comes through the breezeway and slips through the dog door, has his dinner, washes his paws in the dog dish and leaves. Sometimes Knee-Hi barks him/her on out, but sometimes Knee-Hi doesn't hear - either from being in a deep dog sleep or maybe, just maybe she's dog deaf.

OK. I've passed 15 minutes. So that's a choice met for today. I'll be doing more writing. Yes! I am choosing to write, write, write. Write on!