Sunday, June 19, 2011

Write on!

If I'm a writer, why don't I write? No excuses here! Just do it!

I keep a little notebook of my daily choices. I enjoy checking off my list. I also list my "list" on CleaningHouse@ - keeping myself accountable by sharing with others. By noon I expect myself to complete the following: Vitamins (3 - 3 times a day), ear pills (2 - 3 times a day), water or tea - at least  6 to 8 cups a day, exercise - swim 10 laps or do some Yoga, Barleans Olive Leaf tonic - 1 tablespoon 1 time a day (Yuk! Tastes funny, so I water it down), Regular Morning Routine, emails, put clothes away, take trash to compactor, do "Patio Patrol" - cleaning up, snipping off dead leaves and blossoms, taking dog poop and putting it to a place where the deer will "get a whiff" and leave my plants alone, sweeping up magnolia leaves - many, many; paying bills, clearing off the kitchen counter ( - a "hot spot"), fixing lunch, cleaning up.

The rest of the routine of housekeeping is easy when I do it "my way". I go through the house - all the way through - dusting with a swiffer duster or a microfiber rag and dust all the flat surfaces. Another day I go through and wipe all the glass surfaces - mirrors, tabletops, glass doors to cabinets, etc. Then I sweep and mop floors. I use a regular sweeper for rugs and I have a small, powerful sweeper with the cup that can be quickly emptied. (Bought it on QVC). I finally found that using a microfiber pad on Libman's refillable mop works best. Had to give up Febreeze mop - fumes knocked me silly and gave me a sore throat more than once!

Life goes on day by day with plenty of opportunities to "make a difference" in my surroundings. As Edgar Gibson says, "Your surroundings reflect how you feel about yourself." Wow!

So I go about my "daily routine" and fill the rest of my days with activities that interest me. I make choices now and got rid of "have to" thinking (again, thanks to Ed's guidance).