Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wherever I Go, Here I Am

Winter moved along slowly dropping some snow now and then. I "x'd" off the days on various calendars, erased off the dry erase daily blocks on the big 90 day Organizer Calendar on the wall here in my computer den and repeated the "Erase A Day" ritual on the magnetic fridge calendar, too. I keep a daily list of tasks to do and check them off - one by one - giving myself a "Sparkle Star" for special accomplishments, especially for doing my Yoga stretches!

Each day I also "report in" to my Cleaning_House group on Yahoo.com putting down the same list as the one in my little spiral daily notebook. This  list-making and checking off keeps me focused and feeling good about "getting something done". It also provides a diary of daily doings that can be checked through for appointments made with household repair people, dental or medical appointments. It's a habit!

Loss of Mama's dearest friends - Kathleen, Ann and Lelia- all gone now, Uncle Lewie and dog-buddy Knee-Hi all have happened since last summer. There is still continuing concern for Harry (Marshall's Dad and my first husband) who has been hospitalized more than a dozen times this past year for complications from heart failure, diabetes and many other health issues. Visiting him in the hospital and taking him flowers brightens spirits. We all had Valentine's dinner together at a wonderful Mexican restaurant. Harry presented me with a beautiful blooming orchid and a Valentine's box of Sweet Tooth chocolates.

Strange - right as I'm writing this - WGUC announcing concert from Westwood Methodist Church where we were married and where we will celebrate Easter in a couple of weeks!

I still continue teaching my art classes on Wednesdays at my studio. Good progress is being  made by my students. I enjoy sharing pictures of their art on my Meetup "Art, Music, Theater Meetup" page and on Facebook.

The biggest change in my life is joining with the Wheat Belly Lifestyle! Been following a Wheat/Grain/Sugar Free program for nearly 7 months! And, I started a group that meets at my home on Mondays of other "followers". We're changing our lives "for the better" - more energy, healthier, aches-pains now gone!

Follow up on Irene's in Oakley - closing. I picked up my consignment items that were left. Some things sold and that's "to the good". Onward!