Sunday, February 19, 2017

2/19/2017 Spring Yard Cleanup


The Snow Drops are in full bloom. A few crocus sprigs are peeking through, too. Daffodil  sprouts have pushed up and will soon be double in size and then ready to bloom, bloom, bloom! I planted fifty daffodil bulbs last fall "all over everywhere". I am looking forward to this Spring's spectacular show here around my yard.
Snow Drops
Daffodil Sprouts

The yard guys from Kharma, LLC (nice name for a landscaping company) were here last Wednesday to do the Spring Yard Cleanup. Many bushes and shrubs received their annual pruning (haircut). The huge prairie grass plants are now stubble. Butterfly bushes are neat again. The iris beds are free from piles of oak leaves. And, roadside day lilies (the orange ones) are pushing up through the brown earth.

Today I used the leaf blower to clear away spruce branch debris off the cottage porch. I also scattered a nest of strange beetles that have made their home in a wooden crevice. They look like lightning bugs, but they aren't lightning bugs!

Madison Tree Company toured the property to schedule this year's feeding and spraying of the evergreens, mughos, crabapple trees and oak trees. They were even able to save an ash tree from destruction by an ash tree borer. They also removed several burning bushes and old shrubs. Every year the deer would chew off the leaves! Maybe this year I'll win!

I emptied out nine window boxes. The grass plants may be replanted "out back". I will be putting plants in the window boxes by myself this year. It will be fun to go to Denny's Bloomin' Garden Place and choose plants that are serious survivors.

There is a lone willow tree at the back corner of this property. It has survived several major "trims". Its thin, wavy sprigs of yellow green leaves will fill in the empty spaces between an abstract trunk.

I am hoping, too, that the tiny "slip" of a dogwood tree will make it through Spring and all through this year. Living among the living is why I love being surrounded with "growing things". Seems Maude (from Harold & Maude) knew what life is all about, after all.


Monday, February 13, 2017

2/13/17 Beyond the Pale

Hello again!

I have finally emerged from the "awful" bug that has attacked many people this winter. It lasted three weeks! I was able to breathe and didn't have serious stomach issues. My temperature hovered around 98 degrees. I welcome this gift of "feeling normal again" with a big THANK YOU, DEAR GOD!

I didn't get the flu shot. I heard that this strain of the flu or cold wasn't covered by this year's flu shot. All I know is that I was sick. So, I went into full gear for dealing with each physical challenge.

Some people use a Netti pot. I have a syringe thing called Nasaline which sucks up a mixture of nasal rinse powder and warm water. It clear out sinuses very well. And, a warm salt water gargle helps, too.

Supplies: plenty of Kleenex or other brand, Vicks Vapo Rub, pan of steaming water, clean sheets, cough drops, decongestant, and Umcka (a syrup).

Having a steam shower is one of the best investments ever! To sit in the steam with eucalyptus essential oil percolating up to the ceiling is definitely "healing".

A trip to Dr. Robert M. Letscher, for an acupuncture treatment helped me feel better, too.

Reorganize activities: Cancelled housekeeping team - didn't want to spread my germs to them and didn't need to clean the house anyhow.

Main activity: REST!

Entertainment: Dumb, numbing TV programs. First 48 Hours (crime stuff).

Intake: TEA, more TEA - Sencha green tea and peppermint tea. WATER, more WATER. Chicken broth! Scrambled eggs, soft scrambled eggs, fish.

Today  I am so much better. I will update this blog, but wanted to get it done before our WAG meeting! WAG = Writers Accountability Group. (Updated at 6 p.m.)