Sunday, May 8, 2016

Iris! May 8, 2016


It's May! Finally it's May even if it's cool and damp, it's still May!

My "calendar year" follows the cycle of blooming flowers. Earlier spring flowers have bloomed. Crocus, snow drops, daffodils, tulips and other tiny ones have put forth their "smiley faces". They are gone now and are storing up energy in their bulbs for next year's display.

Now it's time for iris! My love for iris  goes "way back" to my childhood days on Potter Farm Lane where my folks rented a home from "The Potters" who owned many acres of farmland, woods and a pond which we called "The Lake".

Our home was bordered fences - a fence by the corn field, a fence by the orchard, a fence to keep the Herford cattle in their area and a fence alongside Potter Farm Lane. We learned how to climb through those barbed wire fences - by holding up the second wire and crawling through to the other side without getting snapped or catching our clothes on a barb.

I don't remember the front fence being made of barbed wire - but it may have been a square pattern of wire. I know that it was a perfect place to plant Iris - on "our side of the fence".

We went to Withamsville Baptist Church where we had many special friends including Grandma Gregor. Grandma Gregor was definitely "Grandma" for those of us who knew her. She lived on Nine Mile Road in a home with a huge cast iron stove and a room full of indoor plants. She wore cotton aprons. And, she raised chickens. This was a time when everyone had an outhouse, too!

Grandma Gregor would come to visit us.  I believe she was our "baby sitter, when Mama was working "outside the home". Grandma Gregor brought plants from her home to share with us. She taught me how to plant Iris along the front fence.We also planted some polyanthus! She showed me how to clean the shovel, pitchfork and hoe in the small stream that ran through the back ditch down to "The Lake". 

I remember the patch of orange road lilies that came up every year by the corner of the house. I also had my own small garden on the east side of the house with three moon flowers (Datura) that came up every year. *Note: I had these flowers in pots on the cottage porch when Mama was here during her last years. She and I enjoyed the moon flowers  "again" as memories of  Potter Farm Lane.  I learned how to make a "hot house" to raise some lettuce. And for Easter 1945, Mama gave me a small book about flowers which I still read and enjoy. I've made line drawings of  some of the flowers from that book.

Today I have many iris (at least 20 different varieties). The first to bloom this year was a yellow/rust combo followed by another white one edged in purple. For die-hard iris lovers there is  Facebook page called "Iris Friend" where pictures are posted almost every day of one incredible Iris "after another". For awhile I tried to remember the names of my iris plants. Now, I'm just happy to see them in bloom

If any of you ever want some iris rhizomes, let me know. I'm glad to share!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Madeira Art Show - May Day 2016

May 1st, 2016 - May Day!

This was a very special day, indeed! Be this an essay or a diary entry, I'm happy to share this day with anyone who enjoys being "around and about".

Madeira is our local community for "togetherness". It's history begins with a railroad depot in the middle of town. The depot  survived various incarnations over the years - an ice cream parlor (twice), restaurant "Choo Choos" with walls of railroad memorabilia and an antique toy train running around a suspended track. It is now Depot Barbeque with the train tracks still intact but there is no antique toy train running around the edge of the upper walls.

I loved sitting in the bay window area of Choo Choos to see the tracks and sometimes even witness a train roar by. Going to Choo Choos meant special service by neighbor Jackie whose sister (I believe) had ownership in the place.

Today was the annual Madeira Art Show which has been in existence for many years - maybe as many as twenty-seven years (overheard someone say this) where talented people exhibit their art, jewelry, stained glass, pottery, clothing, toys, wood objects, soaps, lotions, stone oil lamps, garden decor and many other items - too many to mention.

My friend, Mary and I met at Coffee Please before we ventured down the street across the railroad tracks into the exhibit area which filled both sides of Miami Avenue between Railroad Avenue and Euclid Avenue. The weather was "perfect" at 11:00 a.m. Having a sunny, clear day was a "blessing" after having heavy storms all day and evening on Saturday, April 30th, 2016.

Quartz Nail File
We purchased some items, too. Especially nice is the quartz-bladed nail file - which we each purchased and probably will wish we had bought more to share with friends! I now have another square stained glass panel (my third) from the fellow whose business card is "around here, somewhere". The pottery business card holder "took my eye" - so I "just had to have it, too"! Then, I couldn't pass up the jewelry lady - who had a bracelet and earrings with a starfish and shell design - something that "matched my outfit" (and other outfits, as well).

Stained Glass Panel
So it goes - a wonderful time and my wallet emptied out of maybe $100 (haven't counted yet).

We stopped for lunch at A Tavola's outside patio. Beautiful! Wood tables, great service and delicious food - roasted cauliflower with balsamic dressing and asparagus salad (fresh) topped with a meatball (by special request by me). I only spent $12 plus $3 tip! And, I have enough leftovers for supper!

After a very pleasant time discussing topics that were of interest to both of us, we headed home. Mary bought some hosta plants from the local garden club ladies for twenty-five cents each! What a bargain!

I unloaded the car and have hung the stained glass panel, put the bag with the business card holder near my cart to take to my studio and am enjoying looking at the bracelet - on the kitchen counter.
The nail file has been used several times already. It's amazing!

Yes! This was a May Day to remember!