Friday, December 16, 2016

12/12/16 December Deadlines!

I'm looking at the clock on the shelf above this computer set-up. In a very few minutes I will be leaving for my WAG Writers Accountability Group Meetup meeting at The National Exemplar in Mariemont, Ohio.

We meet in a wood paneled room with a rectangular stained glass window which brings "light on the subject" to our gathering of similar writing interests. (Stopped herewith this post in order to attend  our writers' Meetup).

As we entered The National Exemplar we were welcomed with "Christmas" everywhere. A huge tree in the lobby was decorated with small wooden nutcracker figurines. In the dining room was another glowing Christmas tree. A beautiful Christmas centerpiece was placed on the huge wooden table.

We seated ourselves around the table and waited for our waiter, James. He offered us fresh water and other beverages. I ordered iced tea and added a packet of my Vitamin B12 to it. Then we took our time looking at the large menus (found out there was no "Soup of the Day"). We usually have 10 to 12 members show up, but this time we only had seven in attendance.

Our orders were taken. I ordered the burger (without the bun). The National Exemplar has other "chains" in other cities, too. The omelets and fritatas are quite good, too.

Our organizer, Susan Ellerhorst, brought the Meetup group "to order". Each person shared and continues to share her progress and success with her own particular writing project. Some of us are "bloggers". Others are poets. And, some are published authors! Susan brings in interesting speakers, too.

I continue to learn a lot and enjoy all the sharing that takes place. It is a great Meetup group and an opportunity to improve our writing skills.

Thank you so much, Susan and to all of you who are part of our WAG Writers Accountability Group. See you in 2017.  I keep setting up my goal to keep on writing my blog (s). I'm happy to report that I met this month's goal: write another Widder Lady post! Onward!