Monday, August 31, 2015

Hooray! Summer's Almost Over 8/31/15

I've launched into my "Honoring the Past" phase with enthusiasm and expectancy! I don't know where I found (maybe it was a Facebook ad), but I'm "hooked"!

Today I packed up my third box of photos between sheets of air-cushioned plastic. I've assembled small packets of photos including polaroids which I removed one by one from a disassembled stinking, plastic album. There are packets of black and white photos of my parents - from their early days - through marriage and parenthood. And, there are "loose" photos - too big for sandwich baggies - which are laid flat between more layers of puffy plastic.

Then, I included at least twenty-five pages of negatives! They "go back" to the sixties when I had colored film. I'm wondering now what kind of camera I was using in "those days".

This project will be an INVESTMENT for sure!

I'll drop the box off to UPS tomorrow. Then, I will be waiting for quite awhile (maybe a month) for them to be scanned and uploaded to my account with iMemories.

The first box I sent was filled with movie cassettes of family events, dog antics, travels and parties. The second box was filled with photos - a lot of photos. And, now the third box is loaded with photos and negatives and a set of slides.

As I move forward with this project, I am feeling very good about being "The Keeper of the Key" (my self-appointed title). I have given myself "bragging rights" as I share and tell others about this amazing place:!

I can hit a button and share a film with my son (his 29th birthday party). I can hit another button and share pictures of my paintings on Facebook. I will be adding titles and other important information to each photo, too.

This is an on-going project that tops my "priority list". Now let's see if I can upload a photo to this page from Onward!