Sunday, November 3, 2013

Beautiful Sunday!

Turning back the clocks - 4 more to go. Happy for the "extra" hour and more daylight in the morning. I was already adjusting to the change of schedule - could "feel it". I call myself "Barometer" because I adjust to the weather accordingly.

Outside today pulling and cutting back Iris and Lamb's Ear.- looking for path rocks. Yesterday I pruned two butterfly bushes "way back" so that Rodney and partner (Pool Boys) could approach pool equipment without struggling through the overlapping limbs. There are a few more butterfly blooms still hanging on - left them to "finish" their cycle.

Out front, the yellow Iris continue to bloom as do the rose bushes. I'm so glad I got some Deer Scram and scattered it all around the edge of this front garden area. I put out the Thanksgiving flag that has a cornucopia on it. I will hang the Thanksgiving Turkey flag out in a couple of weeks.

Last week the yard guys cleared away the oak and locust leaves from beds, driveways and lawn. Things stayed "clear" for a couple of days, but now, today - this Sunday, there is a layer of leaves everywhere. I plan to use the electric blower to clear the front walk again.

The coleus plants have died. I don't know whether to try to "root" some this winter. Seems a bother. I did try last year, but the stems just melted away to squishiness. I did get some root pods to use for rooting plants - thinking what to save - geraniums or that lacy grew plant?

Sat outside in the sunlight for more Vitamin D - enjoying my easy tuna salad mixture in a wooden bowl. Saw a bright, shiny-tiny bee "putting himself in order" wiping his antennae, "feet" and then take off. Never saw one like him - ever!

Last night went to see "Slasher" at the Falcon Theater. It was a comedy - based upon making thriller movies - low budget - really low budget! There was much laugher from the attentive audience. Found a seat next to the wall - my favorite "lean to" and an extra open chair next to me. Several "singles" were in attendance. Happy to see the director, Ted Weil, all smiles and enthusiasm and happy to exchange a "big hug" after the performance.

Before the show, I stopped in at Richard's - a favorite "haunt". Found "Richard's" a couple years ago - a shop filled with "stuff". I usually find something worth bringing home. This time I bought a pillow that said "An Angel's Work is Never Done" (Thank You Angel Lois). I also bought a card holder - with a base that looks like a drum and a drumstick - maybe a Christmas theme, but maybe a drummer's knick-knack for photos. I'll use it at the studio to hold small art cards for display at the
December 6th & 7th Essex Art Walk. Richard's is going out of business - wondering if there is anything there that I "need". The fellow that was minding the counter said Richard had had the store nearly 40 years! Wonder where all the stuff will go? Yes! Where will all the stuff go?