Sunday, March 19, 2017

3/19/2018 Coco Point Lodge - Juan, The Chef

Juan, The Chef

I found this small picture of "The Chef" and a baby lamb. My memory of (The Chef) is that he was Spanish and that his first name may have been Juan.

Juan, The Chef and a baby lamb (tail down = sheep, tail up = goat)

Various chefs "arrived and departed" from Coco Point Lodge, Barbuda. We always had our local Barbudan and our own famous chef, Norman Beazer who established himself as a memorable icon for Caribbean fare which he and his staff prepared and served for many years.

This memory, however, is focused upon Juan, the Spanish chef.

Juan and I were on the small airplane coming back from St. John's, Antigua, WI. He had been gathering up various food items for the lodge. Juan had put large cardboard containers of frozen ice cream under the passenger seats and in the back of the plane.

Usually the trip would be fairly smooth and without incident. But, on this particular trip, the pilot took off too soon behind one of the big jets that was leaving the main runway. We were caught up in the jet stream and tossed crazily about.  The cardboard containers of ice cream were flipping and rolling "every which way". Juan was grabbing the loose cargo "left and right". Knowing me, I was hanging onto the straps of my seat belt, praying!

It was one scary time for all of us and the pilot finally leveled our small plane and continued the flight to Coco Point's grassy runway.

I had brought a Riviera Reversible Cooker to share which I found in a gift shop in Carson City, Nevada. it was definitely reversible for bigger or smaller pans. I had also brought a big copper crepe suzette skillet. It was something I thought could be used for special desserts.I don't remember if Juan used it, but I do remember his making Cherries Jubilee over a something that may have been a can of Sterno.

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