Saturday, March 18, 2017

3/18/2017 Coco Point, Barbuda, WI Years Ago

2/18/2017 Years Ago at Coco Point Lodge, Barbuda, WI

I've set up a memorabilia room at my home just for photos, photo albums, movies and slides. Some of the photos bring back forgotten memories. Such is the following photo:

Barbuda Belle at Old Dock, Coco Point Lodge, Barbuda, WI

When I met William (Bill) Cody Kelly in January, 1971 he mentioned "his island". I had also heard the same "his island" from a woman who was determined that I must meet this person who might take me to "his island". All that aside, I met, dated and dated Bill Kelly.

He was in the midst of untangling himself from his second and bothersome marriage. I was a teacher and was busy with my life as a single mom to one young son. The details of meeting him can be explained later.

Somehow I was able to arrange a trip to Coco Point and I took my son with me. It was a trip hat would lead to many future trips to a place I had never ever envisioned to be part of my life. Now, at age 80 I have no desire to ever return. I have memories enough of it.

The picture shown is of Barbuda Belle at the old dock. It's long before beautiful signage was installed. I have photographs of "The Belle" when she was built in Hong Kong. She was a sturdy, incredible motor sailing vessel. She took many trips out for deep sea fishing. She would motor out to an area where it would be possible to catch big fish from Caribbean waters. Such fish might include Baracuda, yellow fin tuna, etc.

Part of the evening cocktail conversation would be about who caught the biggest and best fish, too.

I do not think "The Belle" is being used now. Another boat was added to the fishing fleet. For those who liked to fish in shallow waters up at the village of Codrington, Barbuda there were smaller boats available.  Coco Point originally was designed to be a hunting and fishing lodge. It evolved into a Caribbean gem.

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