Monday, April 4, 2016

Opening Day!

Here it is again! Opening Day! Parades, music, food, people everywhere - people dressed in red - all for The Cincinnati Reds Opening Day! Play ball!

I'm wearing my red sweater and viewing all the happiness and happening on my iphone via Twitter and Facebook and also by watching updates on our local TV stations.

All this excitement has triggered another "can't believe I did that" memory!

Time: back when Jerry Ford was president

Place: Cincinnati, Ohio

Characters: 3 (attractive) female friends, dressed "to the nines", big hats

Vehicle: Blue Lady - a '72 blue Rolls Corniche convertible

Deems (thinking that was her name) had been friendly with Butch Knowlton who I believe was invested somehow with the Cincinnati Reds. She was a decorator and he was her client. (There's probably a lot more to that relationship but I do not have anything here to share.)

Martha was a beautiful blond lady who had been a mistress to a fellow over in Highland Towers (thinking now that they both may be deceased).

Karen, just me, was without supervision by husband Bill who was a "travelin' man" to the West Indies and Lake Tahoe - one or the other place - every three weeks.

I will not place any blame on any one of us for our behavior on that particular Opening

We decided we wanted to go to the ball game. We had no tickets. We had no invitation from Mr. Knowlton who had a box atop the stadium! The "no this, no that" didn't matter to us!

I drove Blue Lady down to the entry gate of the stadium. The guy at the gate didn't question us when we told him we were the wives of the players (or was it the owners?). He ushered Blue Lady and us right on through into the stadium underground parking area.

We found our way into a secured area with Ford's secret service people. Again, somehow we were
allowed to proceed to the top level of the stadium where we located Butch Knowlton's luxury suite (box). We were welcomed with food and drink and friendship! And, we watched the Opening Day Game! 

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  1. Wow, and you seem so quiet and refined! What a great story!