Monday, April 11, 2016

Rainy Day! 4/11/16

What to do on a rainy day - a rainy, rainy day?

Stop! Listen! What's that sound?

Here in the cottage office are skylights which bring in much needed light and also serve as percussion instruments - for the drumming of raindrops. The rhythm changes from light to heavy with variations "in between".

Rain fills the pool cover once more. The other day I looked out to see major ripples along the edge of the "pool cover pond". It seemed, maybe, that some critter may have been struggling to get out of the water. It wasn't a critter at all! It was the wind "blowing up a storm"!

Water fills the ditch alongside my neighbor's driveway and makes its way to another neighbor's small lake. There are several major drainpipes that take water from the gutters, down spots and drainage network around my home, back to the lake.

Having plenty of rain brings water for local wildlife, too. We have deer, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, coyotes, groundhogs, birds and sometimes a snake or two that have made their home in our shared "green spaces".

This year the flowering shrubs and trees "made it out" before the snow returned. The daffodils survived, too. It's been a "Celebration of Spring"!

To see buttercups and red bud trees blooming in the wooded areas beside our "country roads"  has made "just going to the store" a special trip. For fun, I put the car windows down to hear the birds chirping in the trees!

I'm glad it's Spring! I'm so glad it's Spring!

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