Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Writer's Accountability Group! Many thanks to Meetup.com

I may have mentioned that I am an organizer of five Meetup.com groups and I belong to several other Meetup.com groups, too. The latest group is "Writer's Accountability Group" which can be found listed under the main group "Women Over Fifty" which is me and "then some"!

I've attended two Meetups with other women writers and am learning what it means to be "accountable" as a writer. I do believe it means hitting the keyboard more than three times a month! It's not that I lack ideas for what I want to write and share, it's the "other stuff" that beckons my attention and energy. I'm thinking maybe if I would write "first thing" in the morning - before I start my daily "to-do's" ticking them off my list and reporting into Facebook's "Homemaker's Encouragement" group.

By the time I've completed my morning routine, I'm ready for lunch and a nap! Then, what energy is left is enough to propel me into the creative cosmos!

Today! Yes! Today will be different... After one more tall glass of cool Kukicha (brewed fresh) and a bit of fun pulling away fall/winter leaf debris around the herb pots, I finally am here with "pooter" listening to a lighter version of clicks (missing the sound of my old IBM Selectric keys).

I considered using Dragon Speak (relearning it all over again) to make this typing stuff easier, but thin I remember all the correcting of weird misspelled words. I do speak into my Iphone to save time, but I still get ridiculous words that need to be replaced by typing tiny keys!

Having mentioned my Meetup.com groups at the beginning of this post, I am particularly pleased with my Wheat Belly Lifestyle group (listed under the main group - Cincinnati Cuisine Club). We meet at my home on the first Monday at noon. For now, it's a small group of four. I set the table keeping a "theme" in mind. Yesterday, I chose green place mats, green napkins, green glasses and a Rosemary plant in a cobalt plastic pot for the centerpiece.

We enjoyed a fresh salad with avocado, green lettuce leaves, walnuts, pistachios, olive oil and balsamic vinegar topped with fresh black pepper & sea salt. One of the ladies brought fresh vegetable beef soup. She brought some grated cheese as a topping for the soup. For dessert we had a bit of Faye Greek yogurt with homemade peanut butter cookies (sugar and wheat free) from the Wheat Belly 30 Minute Cookbook.

 I had the tea bar set up with hot water in the "punch the button on top" thermos. And, I provided ice water in an antique - keep it cold - carafe.

We shared. We experienced a wheat free (really grain free), sugar free meal together. We discussed the improvements we feel when we follow WB Lifestyle and the consequences of being "wheated".

I will continue with my Meetup.com groups and continue to be inspired by the incredible opportunities Meetup.com offers to its community of active participants! Many thanks Meetup.com!
Many thanks, "Writers Accountability Group", too!

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  1. Thanks for attending this morning's WAG meeting. You are a valuable addition and model! Happy Pi Day!