Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2/16/16 Writings "Found Again"

As I continue "Doing the Sort" I often find something I've written tucked inside pages of books, calendars and stacks of unsorted papers. I was going through old diaries and old "Teacher's Notebooks" trying to find some medical information (have misplaced the Master Medical File). The search didn't lead me to finding anything medical - at all.

However, there was a stapled stack of writings which led me on another "wondering" adventure. The stack of paper is filled with brief, typewritten essays. I'm thinking they are from some long-forgotten writing assignment - from the University of Cincinnati's Evening College. The "where from" is not on my priority list of "just write, just share" on this Tuesday morning of February 16th, 2016.

So it shall be - me sharing with thee!

Music in the Elevators

Every elevator should have music - especially the elevators that go up many floors. People in elevators are funny . . .especially in the Terrace Hilton . . . when one patron who obviously thought there was a velvet covered bench that goes to the Panorama Room and Gourmet Room . . . moved carefully to the corner and proceeded to sit down on the bench he that was there.

He sat.

To his amazement there was none (no bench) and he ended up sitting on the floor in the corner, causing all who were there to find some common means of communication. It was funny and they laughed.

*Note: This may have been written in the sixties when I was married to Harry Garrison. We often went to the Gourmet Room (Harry was a "gourmand" - meaning he loved food and showed it). I remember wearing a "kite" dress - a funny-looking black and white striped "number" that had bat-wing sleeves. The Terrace Hilton sits empty in downtown Cincinnati. 

There was a long cocktail lounge alongside the windows facing sixth street where we had a "Grasshopper" - a minty, cream drink. There were "star" maitre de's who knew your name and made the evening incredibly special. The Miro painting that adorned the curved wall of banquette seating is now at the Cincinnati Art Museum (first floor - across from The Terrace Dining Room - wondering if that's why the name "Terrace" is repeated - or did they not think of the "serendipity" of it all....).

As the song goes . . . "Those Were the Days"!

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