Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 30th, 2014 - Around Home

The locust tree is dropping its tiny leaves everywhere "out front" on the driveway and yard. The gigantic oak trees are dropping a few leaves, too. There are funny-looking bump things on the oak leaves. The acorns are quickly scooped up by the squirrels, but those I step on give a good "crunch" sound when I am walking around the driveway doing laps.

I bought the large sized bags of Fertiloam from "The Bloomin' Garden Place". I've lifted all four from the car to the breezeway. One broken one (rebagged and discounted) I took to the patio and loaded up a couple of large planter pots. I dragged another bag down to the cottage to load up the hanging rail boxes - six total. Now to plant them - with what?

My days (recently) are filled with doing the sorting of pictures/files for a PBS interview that will take place very soon. I'm thinking of "time-lines" and "stops" along the way - significant moments - highlighted for the "general-public". And, what are the similarities between my mother's life and mine? What have we shared? What have we learned?

There are "way too many" boxes of photos around here. I open up one and then another. As I said before, I am "The Keeper" for my mother's files, my late huband Bill's files, my late Aunt Gretna's files, mine files and some of my son's files, too! Files = photos, writings and souvenirs.

I enjoy the various "spots" around here that I call "Vignettes". I post some of these over on my Facebook page under Albums.

In the office - the side where I have two drawing tables, two old computers, paintings, file cabinets and shelves - I display Native American stone implements and a peace pipe. These items have their own history - and I believe someone "way back" in Bill's history collected them.

I remember, too, when we were growing up at Potter Farm Lane, there was a drain hole in the basement that we put a stone in to plug the hole - I know now that it was a grinding stone. I do not know what happened to it. I do know that the house burned down and it's probably buried "way down" underneath acnew home that may have taken its place.

Here's today's "Vignette" from Indian Hill, Ohio.

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