Monday, September 29, 2014

Christmas Cactus Rescue

This is a quick test to see if I can compose over here @ Microsoft Word Starter to do my blog. (Doing a copy/paste).
Rescuing Christmas Cactus: Was checking pot that “housed” two plants – main plant is doing OK – he’s called “Old Friend” and has survived several near-disasters. The Christmas Cactus was in its own pot for awhile, but then I decided that two different plants could share the same pot.

For several years they have “gotten along” OK. Then, the other day I noticed the Christmas Cactus was looking sad and droopy. I checked further – the stem was rotting right at soil-level. I took the Christmas Cactus out and set it aside – even set it outside to get some sun and dry out a bit.
Now I have added more potting soil back into the main pot – and am soaking the cactus in some water hoping it will revive enough that I can plant it again. There are even some new buds at the tips – indicating more blooms were starting their growth. I’ll dust the stems with rooting powder and see what happens after I put them back into the soil – hoping for another “rescue”.

I will look for pictures, too, of Christmas Cactus’ blooming.

Hope this “blog” test works! Chose to do a copy/paste - easier!

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