Monday, October 20, 2014

Beyond High School

 A file folder labeled "Grade Transcripts" is filled with records of "schooling". Scanning through the lists of courses taken "over the years" I'm wondering today which were "worth my time" and if they "made a difference".

1955 to 1956 - I attended Ohio State University in Home Economics. OSU was my choice because I had been there several times as part of my 4-H Leadership training. I stayed in a dormitory - Oyler Hall? can't remember exact name. We signed in and out and had a "house mother". I worked at WOSU on the radio station in the early mornings and did some work for the OSU Extension Service, too.
1956 to 1957 - I taught first and second grade students at Goshen Elementary School. My folks did not have enough money to send me back for my sophmore year. I lucked out with a teaching job as a "temporary" and was able to return to OSU again.

1957 to 1959 - I transferred from Home Economics to Education - completing two more years at OSU.  I worked at the Student Union - morning cafeteria line - walking across the mall - winter - freezing cold. I became ill with mono and tried to keep going to classes.

I taught school again in Cincinnati - several schools including Hays, Oyler, Windsor and Hoffman. I would teach and take classes at University of Cincinnati's Evening College - finally graduating with a Bachelor of Science in General Studies with a minor in Fine Arts - June 15th, 1967 - 11 years later - having taken at seventy-four or more courses!

I had married Harry Garrison Dec. 21st, 1961 while I was teaching at Hays. I was taking courses throughout our marriage and gave birth to our son, Marshall, November 23rd, 1963. I was involved in politics and contined my education.

After Harry and I divorced, I continued to do substitute teaching and finally got a full-time teaching job. When I remarried I got my teaching certificate both in Ohio and Nevada.

1975 to 1976 - I attended The Art Academy of Cincinnati for one year. After that, I started my own studio - Karen's Studio and have continued thirty-eight more years with the studio and I continue to teach adult beginners - art. I took a lot of courses, too, when I worked at the U. S. Department of Education - computer, time management, telephone skills, etc.

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