Sunday, October 12, 2014

10-12-14 Sunday Afternoon

Been "Blogging" along - realizing I will be adding more blogs as "time goes along". Added Karen Sharin' - "Hodge Podge" for the odds & ends stuff around here that I'm choose to set into a separate category from my own story, Angel Lois', Cooking Buddies, etc.

It's interesting (to me, for sure) to learn more and more about the people and places "around here". I'm digging further into files and pictures, relabeling and rethinking "what I thought I already knew to be true".

This past week took me down "The Remembering Path" (good title for something) which involved being "on camera" for an interview about my Mama (now Angel Lois) and her community service.*
Getting prepared for this project meant that I "got with the program" and organized many files and photos.

Now that it's Sunday, I'm back to my regular routine which I report to Facebook's "Homemaker's Encouragement" group. Laundry for today is done. Clothes are put away, trash trashed, recycles out to bin, dishes - partially done - some still need to be put away. I'm staying cozy down here in the cottage - wearing sweats.

Taking a "flying leap" today with HughesNet - going to have them install a satellite dish up on the main house so that I can have WiFi where I can use another computer - not sure whether to take new Dell Windows-8 computer up to the house or my older Vista laptop. Will ask the service person what they think is best - what will work best.

Other decision - deciding where to plant Oriental Poppy plants. I have some "loyal" royal-looking red poppies that return each spring by the back patio steps. I'm wondering if the morning sun is preferable to afternoon sun (will check eHow for this info. or Spring Hill - the company where I purchased them).

I thought about doing some Wheat Belly (grain/sugar/wheat free) baking today - missing the bread I make, especially the walnut bread from Dr. William Davis' Wheat Belly Cookbook.

Went to City Flea yesterday downtown at Washington Park in front of Music Hall. Bought a couple of small succulent plants in their own vases to take to Karen's Studio 125 to share with students. I also bought another fun barret from "A Seamless Transition" where I took some of my vintage pieces of clothing to sell. Next Saturday I'll take some winter items and pick up a check from the sales that have been made of clothing/jewelry I dropped off for consignment this summer.

I also stopped at Essencha Tea House to purchase more Kukicha green tea. I will be taking tea-making supplies (a strainer) to the studio, too. It's an "upper" and healthy, too.

This will be a busy week - sprinkler system off, and hopefully Madison Tree will be here to do major tree work - one more item off the "big list". Next year - looking at redoing the entire driveway!
Being a "Widder Lady" keeps me hopping around here!

*Note - Will write more over on Angel Lois blog about the interview project.


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