Sunday, September 5, 2010

Transmission then Towing 9 4 0

Fuzzy picture of Jason who towed us home.  Guess I was shakin'.
Hook under front bumper for towing.

Back Home Again

Lowering the Ramp (at home)

Gently, gently!

Ranger Lights
On Board
Lowering the Ramp

Learning how to insert pictures "in order" is taking me to another learning plateau! Checked out Help and it looks like I need to plan out my picture inserting in reverse order so that they are shown in correct, progressive order. Oh my! Now on to my story:

This last week before Labor Day Weekend went well, up until Friday evening as I was heading back home from another wonderful dinner at Lake Isabella. I noticed a slow jerking and not-engaging response from my car when I tried to reverse and move out of my parking place. I finally got out of the parking slot and left the picnic grounds of Lake Isabella, driving through the old green grove of trees toward the exit of the park onto Loveland-Madeira Road (heading West).

There were a few cars driving ahead of me. I stayed to the speed limit of 35-45 mph, stopped at the stop signs and lights. I had driven about 7 miles when I stopped at one of the last stop signs along the route home. Stopping, this time, meant STOP! I tried to move forward - and did so for about 50 feet going up a gradual slope with a double-yellow line alongside the left of my car. I remained in the right lane, but I couldn't move another inch.

I immediatly put on my flashing RED alert lights and called the Indian Hill Rangers to come and help me with the impending traffic back-up. I got out of the car and called AAA which seemd to me to "take forever" with an irritating "wait" jingle repeating over and over and over. A fellow stopped by to ask if I was OK and could he help. I said I was OK, etc. He said he was going to Walgreen's and would stop by on his way back to make sure I was OK.

Finally someone at AAA answered, but at that same time an amazing MIRACLE happened!

Tim, the fellow who services my car pulled up behind my car to see if he could help me. Now, this is truly an amazing serendipitous thing that happened. I figure my mother (Angel Lois) had a hand in this situation and I thank her for helping me! The Indian Hill Ranger pulled up behind Tim's car. Then, I was connected to AAA and they wanted answers to all their questions. I was able to ask Tim and the Ranger to answer AAA's questions as I was considering my options without reacting.

Tim offered to take me home, but I decided I would go with the tow truck which had arrived in less that 20 minutes. Again, amazing!

The Ranger directed traffic. The tow truck guy loaded my car up the ramp onto the truck bed. He even helped me get up into the truck - two steps high and handles to hold onto. I took pictures to share here. I think the fellow's name was Jason. He had a happy attitude which helped me a lot.

He pulled the truck through the drive and let the car down in place. He showed me the "hooks" that come out from the front of the car for towing purposes. Who knew?

After the weekend holiday, I'll call Tim and AAA to have the car delivered to the shop to see if it can be salvaged at all. I checked out transmissions on-line and they are EXPENSIVE! Maybe so expensive that I can't save the car. I'll deal with that when I get the news. In the meantime, I'm glad I have my little '88 Acura Integra which is an incredible, durable automobile!
View of Lake Isabella

Lake Isabella

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