Monday, September 6, 2010

Riverfest 9 5 2010

Adams Landing - South View


Highland Towers - Oregon & Baum Sts.

Mt. Adams Palisades


Skyline at 6th St. Exit

Looking West

Poodle Power

What a blast!

Santa Scamper

Fuzzy Flowers


Blossom Burst



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These are pictures from Riverfest 2010. This is an annual summer-ending event here in our area of Cincinnati, Ohio and Newport, Covington, Kentucky. At least a half-million people join in Riverfest.  Fireworks are set off from barges on the Ohio River between two bridges that link our cities.  To see the fireworks, people sit on the river banks, on boats, on the hillsides from every possible vantage point - roofs of buildings, porches of apartment complexes, bridges and walkways. The main show is down on the Serpentine Wall on the Cincinnati side. I've "done" the wall thing, but that takes incredible stamina and perserverence! Sitting all day on concrete,  in the sun, isn't an option for  "Widder Lady".

 This year my son Marshall, friend Mitzi and I packed up our rolling picnic and camp chairs into one car, drove downtown to a city parking lot, then walked to "our spot".

We camped out early and spent our time visiting, reading, amd dpomg cross-word puzzles and anagrams. We snack awhile on "munchies" and finally dig into our picnic - sitting on a large green plaid mat. The food was good - frend chicken, chicken strips, tomatoes, potato salad, cinnamon pretzels and strawberries.

The sky was clear, the air cool. I brought along the radio to listen to WEBN's music which is choreographed to the fireworks display. It was a beautiful show - more lyrical, more poetic. We'll be back again for 2011!

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