Sunday, September 26, 2010

Healthy is as Healthy Does!

As I age I feel like I am living my mother's latter days, understanding more and more what it means to be alone (we all are alone). I am more aware of aches and pains that are bothersome. My ears ring from tinnitus even though I have continued taking the "no-ring" pills from Walgreen's for more than a year - usually 6 a day.

I do what I can to stay healthy. My "breakfast of choice" is a bowl of blueberries every morning followed by one soft-boiled egg, a piece of toast and a cup of Sportea.

Lunch is often a tuna fish salad combo with sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes and a few sesame crackers.

Dinner is healthy, too. If I'm not out with my Meetup dining friends, I may have some chicken/vegetable crock pot stew or a fish dish. I like salmon, tuna and other fish. I do like to eat a delicious hamburger "once in awhile". 

For exercise, I swim ten laps in the unheated pool followed by a steam bath - very refreshing! When the pool is closed, I do some Yoga stretches or walk around the driveway several times a day.

A daily nap is important, too. After lunch, I usually rest for awhile - approximately twenty minutes. This energizes me so that I can continue on with my daily tasks.

Going for acupuncture treatments helps to keep me healthy, too. I also get Vitamin B & Vitamin B Complex shots once a week. Then, for staying mentally healthy, I stay in contact with Edgar Gibson of The Strategy Group for half and hour by phone (phone counseling) each week, too.

My choices for "Healthy Living" add up, day by day, so that I can look myself in the mirror and see the results - a healthy, happy, 73 1/2 year old "Widder Lady".


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