Monday, August 16, 2010

Still Drying Out

Here it is Monday! I called Master Clean carpet cleaning service this morning. I knew I had a coupon around here "somewhere", too. The scheduler had me in their computer, so that was "to the good". She asked about my having a coupon and I said I thought I had one around here "somewhere". She offered me a deal - and I could have gone to the website and printed one out, too.

Then, "lo & behold" I found one in my ValPac coupon envelope and then the mailman delivered another booklet which had another coupon! It's "Coupon City"! Oh my!

I peeled the carpet back as far as I could, pulling some out from under the small refrigerator - lifting it with one hand and pulling the carpet with the other hand. Then I put two plastic bowls, one dishpan and the "Little Green Machine" under the folded-over section. The spongy pad is still squishy and damp. I found a clap-type fan in the garage closet which I clamped onto the glass table-top and pointed toward the padding.

After washing, drying, folding towels (5 loads at least) then putting them away, I decided I was finished with my "make-do" approach. Didn't use the wet vac - should have used the wet vac! It was dirty and needed cleaning, too.

I went to Walgreen's yesterday afternoon hoping to find a box fan, any fan, to "expedite evaporation". All my fans are down at the studio now (no air conditioning there). No fans were in sight! I did buy a new Glade air freshner (with a fan) and two more Walgreen stick air fresheners. No odor now!

My concerns include mold/mildew, having to get new carpet (what for - might have another leak - who knows when), raising my insurance rate - they do that when claims are made.

Tomorrow should prove to be the end of this nonsense. Lesson learned: remember to disconnect all water hoses before winter, shut off inside valves, cover with winter styrofoam protectors - all faucets!


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  1. Wow. I am impressed. What a horrible feeling to hear that squishing sound. Your "cottage" - is it a place away from the main house where you can write? Sounds wonderful. I enjoy your blog :)