Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nice Results

Eric from Master Clean arrived before noon (a bit early) just at the same time Ann Ferguson, my mother's best friend, pulled into the front driveway. I heard voices outside, went to meet Ann and there was Eric, too.
I asked him to go on down to The Cottage and take a look at "the carpet situation" and do whatever needed doing. It was definitely more than a coupon's worth of work!

He pulled several sizes of hoses from his red truck through the breezeway, down the steps and into The Cottage. He sprayed anti-mildew/mold stuff on the padding ("A lot", he said.) He pulled a lot of water out of the padding and carpet, too. I was to stay "out of there" for a couple of hours because the fumes would be very toxic! He seemed confident that the results would be positive. I hoped for a "similar outcome". I was glad to pay him $40 more than what I had anticipated! It looked as thought we saved the carpet, the pad and saved me from dealing with the insurance company - wouldn't have been worth it with my deductible!

I relaxed for a few hours - watching Cold Comfort Farm (see my movie blog: The carpet still stayed damp throughout the day and evening - testing with my bare feet. I kept the sliding glass doors open, kept the small fan and the air conditioner fans blowing and hoped that the air fresheners would keep the odors masked.

This morning, I still could smell a "funny smell", but now at 2:40 p.m. "all is well" and smell has seemed to disappear! I cleaned the Sharper Image Ionizer and set it up to help clean our any residual odors. The carpet looks great!

As a result of this latest "household challenge", I straightened and reorganized more shelves. I feel good about making progress around here. Now it's time to get ready to go down to the studio to enjoy the company of special friends and finish my latest painting of Music Hall.


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