Sunday, August 22, 2010

Much Better Now

Went out this morning to use the new faucet again. I have attached the hose to the faucet (could tighten it a bit) and turned on the water to fill up the bird baths on the porch. I haven't seen many birds using the bird baths now that I don't feed the birds every day as I did when my mother was here. The birds brought her much happiness and entertainment.

The carpet seems to be nearly dry again. The smell of wet carpet and padding is nearly gone. I still have the air freshener plugged in and blowing it's "Fresh Linen" aroma and added to "the mix" are two other "powder-scented" room fresheners.

I've kept the doors open so that fresh air can continue to blow through "The Cottage".

Yes! It's much better now!


p.s. Thanks to Deon from I figured out how to download pictures from my computer to a disk and then upload them here to my blog! Hooray!

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