Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Snowy Day! Hooray! Jan. 12th, 2016

Snow, snow! Beautiful snow! Yes, snow is beautiful especially when it's outside and I'm inside here in the cottage poking the keys of "pooter". I've had great intentions of writing more often, but the daily task list usually wins over giving myself permission to write - just write!

Maintaining a "rambling ranch" presents plenty of "to dos" each year, each month, each week, each day. I keep an on-going list in various places - notebooks, bulletin boards and planners. I created "The Society of Too Much Stuff" Meetup group to keep me (and those who attend the Meetups) moving forward to the goal of having an organized, clutter free home.

"Project Cleanup" has been on "the list" for many years. I know I've made progress. And now, with Facebook I have various groups that help me "keep on track". I especially like "Homemaker's Encouragement" where we are sharing our daily progress and building long-distance friendships. Flylady continues to be an inspiration, too. I have followed her plans and know "the vocabulary" of living a life built on her book "Shine Your Sink".

I sit here in a small, compact area that feels like the cockpit of an airplane. There is a wall covered with a dry-erase  three-month calendar where I list upcoming events. Below that is another dry-erase "board" (a reversed year calendar) where I have listed "Stuff for Whom". As "keeper of the key" (keeper of other people's stuff) this list keeps me aware of inherited items that may or may not have historical or family significance.

Then, on the same wall is a bulletin board filled with favorite memorabilia - cartoons, pictures, postcards, drawings and sayings that my mother saved. I love it! And, I love the hand-hooked owl rug that Mama "finished" (something started by someone else). Owls mean a lot to us. We wrote "Hoot 'n Holler" for several years - a small publication that we sent out to family and friends. It was "much-appreciated" and worth doing.

The rest of this u-shaped "nest" is filled with a label maker, a Neat scanner, a scale from Stamps.com, and old Sony clock-radio of Mama's (clock doesn't work, radio does work), a printer, files, books, papers and more papers.

What I could be doing with my time this morning is jumping in on the 14-Week Challenge on one of my FB pages (Mary Organizes?). Our laundry room was the first week's challenge - I "got 'er done"! Next challenge - our kitchens - pulling out all items from shelves, wipe shelves/cupboards, sort/pitch/donate. Take "before/after" photos - share - receive compliments from each other. Move on to next challenge!

So, here I am again - nearing my 79th birthday, Sunday, January 17th, 2016 still "kicking" and planning to do more during this "Happy New Year"!

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