Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Widder Lady's "Usual Day"

Morning's for this Widder Lady are now free from any "have-to's" now that I've learned from my counselor Edgar Gibson that there are "No Have-To's" only "Choose To's". With the "Choose To" attitude in place, I now choose to get up when I feel like getting up. This can be any time from 4 a.m. to 8 a.m. Lately I'm sleeping much better and getting up around 7 a.m. I do think my body-clock is resetting itself as the "set your clocks back an hour" message approaches.

I put on a robe and some slippers and head for the kitchen. I wash my hands before I begin the morning routine of breakfast which is the "same thing" morning after morning. I defrost a small bowl of blueberries topped off with some unsweetened almond milk. This morning's blueberries are the bigger ones. I like wild blueberries better. For protein - I boil an egg by a timer for 3 minutes and put a strip of Hormel uncured bacon between 4 layers of paper towel and Zap it for a minute. I boil some water in the microwave then pour it over a little bag filled with  Green Kukicha twig tea. I get the tea at Essencha Tea House in Oakley. "Discovered" Kukicha in New York City @ TeaNY down around the corner of Orchard Street. I take a Vitamin Supplement from Dr.Sinatra.

My intake of  is "wheat/grain/free" for sixteen months - following Wheat Belly Living. (More information about Wheat Belly can be found over on Facebook). I take time to write down my daily tasks - in the little notebook. Breakfast, email, Facebook, trash trashed, clothes away, put me together, Yoga stretches, outside cleanup, office matters, write, read and paint. The list varies depending upon my "choices" for each day.

Today, I will be painting more lines into "The Symphony Hotel" painting I'm working on. This blog is the "Write" task on my list. I'll read something interesting before the day is over. Yesterday I checked the inside plants after the "Water Birdie" beeped (bought at Walgreen's or Family Dollar). It beeps when the soil gets dry. After many years of having various plants as "old friends", I watch as they grow and change.

For "focus" I use a timer that I also purchased at Walgreen's. I set it for 15 minute segments and "stay on track". The timer is an incredible "assistant".  As I write this, the timer has reached 15 minutes 3 times! I'm listening to small square Sony clock radio (clock clicks - but hands don't move) - music from "Showboat" plays - from WGUC. Above me is a picture of Mama "Angel Lois" as encouragement. I surround myself with bits and pieces of inspiration - a bulletin board full of items that I enjoy revisiting again and again.

Next to the bulletin board is a 90-Day Organizer "wipe off" calendar. I wipe off each day as it passes. I put upcoming events that are scheduled - my Meetups, theater events, classes at my students, dental and medical appointments; and celebrations.

I have many more "free days" - days that are mine alone - days to stay home - days to choose to wear sweats, days without makeup, days to sit outside and soak up some Vitamin D. Lunch time arrives -
another healthy salad will be enjoyed or some "Stoup" will be heated up. Afternoon - I may choose to take a nap, watch some "dumb" TV or tour the yard to see what Mother Nature has "been up to".

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