Sunday, September 11, 2016

September, Sunday 9/11/206

Sunday, September 11th, 2016 

Here it is (or was) another September Sunday. It's been an incredible day - weatherwise, skywise and otherwise. The sky was a bright clear blue filled with huge, drifting white clouds. The sun was out, too. Such a day!

Such a day offered the opportunity to push procrastinating behavior aside and give way to energetic urges to get something done!

 And so the day began "regular" tasks (explained in an earlier blog) while listening to WGUC's Sunday Baroque and sipping on Kukicha green twig tea. I had purchased a cinnamon twig broom awhile ago and just this past week found that it is terrific for sweeping! It's slender twigs easily reach into the crevices alongside the breezeway floor. I used it to sweep down the greenhouse steps and to remove many spiderwebs "everywhere".

  I laundered the breezeway entry mats and brought the "recycled" tire mat inside after leaving it to be cleaned yesterday evening's heavy downpour. I also wiped down the doors and threshold with GP66 Miracle Cleaner. Items that had been sitting against the walls and in the corners of the breezeway were put away. I wiped off the "recycling station" (a recycled bar cart). I toss recycles into two black trash bins (paper/cardboard in one and plastics, glass, tin in the other) before taking them out to the large outside bins.

This Tuesday, Bacher's Window Cleaning service will be here to disassemble and clean the glass panels from the breezeway doors and go on throughout the entire house (including the greenhouse and garage) to clean windows inside and out. Bacher's is at the at the top of my list" for doing great work!
Breezeway West View
 I chose not to watch TV all day. Instead I chose to "do something that needed doing". I'm still remembering those who gave their lives on 9/11 fifteen years ago and never forgetting,  Never forgetting! Onward!
Breezeway East View
Recycling/Project Center
Outside Bins

Trash & Recycles (ready for pickup)

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