Monday, August 8, 2016

Motivate! Inspire! Just do it! 8/8/16

I'm tempted to slow down to a lazy pace and just absorb life, moment by moment. But, something "inside" says "get with it"! It's the constant, it's the demanding, it's the requiring of myself to do what needs to be done in spite of the urge to stop, just stop and give myself a break! (How's that for a lot of cliches?)

Each morning I add a few more check marks to my daily list of "to-do's" Sometimes I give myself a "star" for a "job well-done". I'm following my mother's habit of list-making. (I wonder if her mother was a list-maker, too.)

My daily "to-do" list is logged into a Mead 5-Star notebook about 5"x5" square. I now have stacks of these notebooks. They serve as a good record for tasks that I have accomplished - household and personal.

I start with the date on the left side top line and draw a smiley faced sun or a somber cloud to represent each day's weather. Today it is overcast, so I will draw a cloud with the sun peeking out behind it, or maybe do it in reverse order.

In the blank space above the date, I put "key" events. Today I will be attending a Meetup group called WAG (Writing Accountability Group) - so I will write WAG in that space.

Here's my list layout:

B_L_D_   (breakfast, lunch, dinner)                V_(vitamins)
EM/FB _ (email/FaceBook                               T _ (tea)
PCA _ MB (put clothes away, make bed          W - (water)
TT_TTB_RO (trash trashed, trash to bins         SWIM _
                         recycles out)                              WALK_
DI_ DO_ RD_ (dishes in, dishes out, run           PILATES _
                           dishwasher)                              PMT_(put me together)
CC_ (counter cleanup) SPF (sort, pitch, file)      T/G_ teeth/gums

The rest of the page is left to describe further important tasks:

I also report in on my Facebook group called Homemaker's Encouragement where we list our tasks by number and add onto each other's list as the day goes by to see how many tasks we can complete. I am amazed by how much we all accomplish and how much we encourage each other. Having a place to share the "daily doings" helps me to realize the importance of being a "home manager". It is business, a business of managing and running a home from daily maintenance to major projects.

We share ideas and give each other loving support when something happens that "throws a monkey wrench" into our daily lives. We've shared news of new babies being born, health matters and death.
We've complimented each other on our progress and successful completion of long-term goals.

Today I have already had breakfast, vitamins and green tea. I swam ten laps, "put me together", scrubbed my teeth, put on makeup, made my bed, trashed trash, put dishes in the dishwasher and now I am writing! I am writing because I like to write and consider myself a writer!

Now I can go to the WAG Meetup group and report in that I did WRITE something this month! And, I certainly hope to do more writing before next month's Meetup!

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