Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July, 2016!

Happy 4th of July, 2016!

It is a rainy Monday, 4th of July here in Indian Hill, Ohio. I'm happy it's raining - keeps the grass green and gives all the blooming flowers an extra boost of energy!

I celebrate Independence Day by changing the mailbox flag to something patriotic and am sure to keep Old Glory on display at the front of my home. During this weekend of celebration I've worn Star-Spangled beads, an American Queen (the steamboat) t-shirt and big star earrings. I've shared many 4th of July posts on Facebook and listened to a lot of patriotic music - from the Cincinnati Pops at Riverbend with my son, Marshall Garrison to Sirius on the car radio and WGUC's offerings.

I set out a display by the altar for loved ones - a red gladiola with a daisies in a clear, small vase with a small statuette of Uncle Sam - especially for Harry Garrison who would dress up as Uncle Sam for many patriotic events during the sixties.

When we were married, Harry would stand at the bathroom sink and coat his mustache and goatee with white stuff (looked like the shoe polish which I put on Marshall's baby shoes). The red satin neck scarf was shiny, bright. He wore red and white striped pants and had a blue vest and matching blue coat. His hat was an Uncle Sam top hat. He was Uncle Sam for sure!

Our 4th of July celebrations included picnics out at Mama and Daddy's home on Carterway Drive in Milford. Big round tables were set outside and topped with festive and delicious 4th of July "fixin's".
Many relatives and friends arrived with their special pot-luck sharin's. Mama's German Potato Salad and Hunt's Meat Loaf were always a big hit!

Fireworks preparation was done down at the end of the property. Harry would bring fireworks which would be dropped into big metal mortars that had to be sunken into the ground. (Those mortars were still in Mama's garage many years "after").

We celebrated all afternoon and then settled into a
Happy 4th! Acrylic Abstract by Karen Kelly
viewing mode. Harry was in charge of the show. One by one each fuse was lit by Harry who then ran fast as he could away from the zooming bomb as it shot high into the sky, boomed loudly and then burst into a fiery blast of sparkling, dripping magic crystals!

This year's fireworks at Riverbend were booming, mostly singular displays searing into the blue-black sky. Loud music - mostly movie themes - John Williams "in particular" - added to the excitement. Marshall and I had attended the earlier USO tribute by the Cincinnati Pops in the covered arena. To see the fireworks we climbed steps to get to the walkway behind the lawn patrons where we leaned against a couple of pillars to watch the show.

As the show was ending, a small spider dropped down and would have landed on me if I hadn't seen it! I figured that small creature had "had enough" and was "getting out while the getting was good".

We walked back to our car and slowly made our way home, peacefully and happy to be an American, "Home of the Free" - "Land of the Brave"!

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