Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I'm Here, Still Here

Contemplating "all that's going on". Here it is another Tuesday - a regular Tuesday? No, not exactly. Things are not the same as usual. Life seems more complicated. Is it from my watching too much TV or reading the blurbs that pop up on-line? Probably.

In spite of such bothering, I move forward with life - day by day - hour by hour - minute by minute. Today I am finally down here in The Cottage at the computer again - writing - observing. WGUC's classic music station booms out something modern. I look out the small window at the pine branches that nod quietly in the rays of noon sun. For awhile the window was covered with a curtain, but it's better without. Having another opportunity to connect with the real world - that of nature - is today's gift.

I saw two large yellow butterflies bouncing around the purple clustered butterfly bush. When I see small white butterflies I acknowledge Mrs. Garrison - my son's grandmother. She loved butterflies and collected many items that had a butterfly "theme".

This Tuesday the neighbor's tree stumps are being ground down into shavings. Some neighbors leave the stumps standing. Birds and squirrels hop atop the stumps to get a better view. Some stumps eventually wither and die away. In the back yard - the remaining stump of a beautiful blue spruce still holds a bit of ground that interrupts the neat strips of mowed grass.

Out by the mailbox the remaining lilies are putting out their last blossoms. We survived this year's battle with Mama Deer and her twins. I used Deer Scram, Deer Vik, This One Works and held back on the cayenne pepper and Irish Spring soap. Many beautiful iris bloomed earlier this summer, too. Now the iris leaves are turning yellow and the rhizomes are calling to be "divided". I may or may not get to this project.

For encouragement and help I visit my Facebook friends over on "Homemaker's Encouragment" where we list our "daily doings" and share our progress. By keeping in touch, I know that I've accomplished something and have given encouragement, too.

Today - I ease back from housework - because I have The Cleaning Authority team doing the jobs I could do, but choose to give myself the gift of time - time to be here to write another page for this Widder Lady blog. Onward!

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